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3 Dimesional “Realness” vs Higher Dimensional “Woohoo”

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Chances are if you’re here, you’re a bit “woohoo” (welcome!). In the event that you lean a little more- or a LOT more “realist”… Welcome! 🙂

The train of thought generally goes one way or another and people can get into some heated convos over who’s right. Read Treasure OPPOSING Opinions and AWARENESS is NECESSARY for FREE WILL to EXIST. People with realistic perspectives argue that “reality” is what you see- if you see it, it’s real if not, it’s your imagination. All is good looking at that table over there… until you get to wifi… coz you can’t see it (usually)… but it’s there… So there goes that as THE deciding factor for what’s real and what’s not.

Now, that’s not entirely wrong. There IS a PHYSICAL- what you see is what it is- Reality, no debate about that. But it’s not all there is for the simple fact that thoughts and feelings are also real and so are a whole bunch of elements we don’t… see (with our 3-dimensional eyes or perceive with the other physical senses), lol. Where we run into trouble is when one debates for the importance of one perspective or the other and even denies other points of view entirely. Just like people who have the majority of their focus in the physical reality and question the higher, non-physically-based energies, a lot of spiritual seekers can focus so much on the higher dimensions that they err on the side of minimizing the physical. Science is now catching up with aspects of both.

So the fact is, while one can choose to focus on one or the other or any other part of the overall reality is entirely up to the person doing so. It’s not our job to get people to think like us or for us to agree with them. We can however expand our awareness when someone brings something up that we had not considered. The reason why I’m writing this article is to point out that instead of going into battle over who’s right, get aware of what each is focusing on and take it from there.

Excited about what you just read? Share it!

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