Hi, I’m Elizabeth!

It’s been quite a journey to get here.

For me, working in the Mindset and Emotional field didn’t come from an intellectual, educational background like it did for some of my PSYCH-K® colleagues who come from psychotherapy and medical backgrounds.

I aligned with PSYCH-K®, the modality I was trained to facilitate in my practice, out of personal interest. I was looking for a way to overcome the unconscious blocks leading to my self-sabotage. After being homeless in my early 20’s, being in unhealthy relationships, and feeling like I was not good enough, despite having a college degree and starting/ running two businesses, I knew the answers were within.

Our participation in the reality we co-create with others is determined by how we view ourselves and the world. My subjective unconscious filters were based on less than ideal past experiences giving an inaccurate and self-defeating view of the objective reality. The actions I was taking and the ones I was avoiding were not based on my free will. They were based on fears and weakening emotions I did not understand nor want to deal with.

It turns out I was not the only one. I noticed self-sabotaging patterns in others while I was working as a Health Coach, manager, and in my previous businesses. Here I was thinking my clients and my team needed information about what to do and what they really struggled with was what they thought and felt.

What we think is a result of how we think.

For those reasons, I had to figure out why we do what we do when we know better and how to change it. Logic alone did not solve this issue. 

While consuming self-development content I came across Dr. Bruce Lipton’s (*1) mention of an energy psychology modality that could transform unconscious limitations. I booked a session to check it out myself and to my surprise, this was not an informational process like talk therapy or coaching. It was experiential, meaning I FELT an emotional transformation around topics I had previously felt badly about. The process seemed a little “woo” but it worked. The study done in 2012 showed shifts in brain activity that correlate with the changes in the emotional state that occurs during a session (*2).

I decided to get trained in all the PSYCH-K® Workshops and I started working as a Facilitator soon after. My personal experience with it enabled me to self-heal life wounds and emotional injuries. Witnessing my clients go through similar processes is a privilege I cherish.

This process supports my clients to make peace with things they struggle with emotionally as well as harness their mental energy to TAKE ACTIONS towards their goals.  I specifically specialize in Mindset Optimization for Business Performance such as Sales, Marketing and Revenue Building Thought Processes. 

My interest in emotional intelligence and its impacts on self-healing, self-development, and mindset optimization continues with learning about human biology and its role in decision making, the Objective Personality System (*3), Dr. Dario Nardi’s studies into the Neuroscience of Personality (*4).

My calling in life is to be a catalyst for people to be happy and successful.

This comes down to the ability to know, accept, and love one’s self unconditionally as well as accessing one’s full inner potential to achieve their goals. Both of these things have multiple layers (mental, emotional, actionable), and the tools I work with help align them from the unconscious level out. 

I’m very grateful to those who paved the way for me to come into this knowledge, my colleagues, and to my clients who inspire me and make living my life’s purpose possible.

(1*) https://www.amazon.com/Biology-Belief

(*2) https://psych-k.com/psych-k-research/

(*3) https://www.objectivepersonality.com/

(*4) http://darionardi.com/