Elizabeth Stoian

Beam of LOVE. VISIONARY. Facilitator of the Rapid Mindset Change Methodology PSYCH-K®, Protector of INDIVIDUALITY, Advocate for UNITY; Teacher and Coach of “Woohoo” Concepts for a Practical Life and Business; Traveling Vagabond, Mischievous Experiencer, Curious Shape Shifter, Challenger, Creator, Free Feeler/ Thinker, Tea Drinker, Lover of BOTH Puppies AND Kitties. INFJ, Leo-ness; Terrible Singer & only So-so Dancer; 39 going on 19 (in Human/ Earth Years) 😉

PSYCH-K® facilitators embody “ISUMATAQ”, an Inuit word that is interpreted as “the keeper of sacred space where wisdom reveals itself”. This is the paying partner’s (client’) inner wisdom as we all have everything we need to get, create and live our best lives. We often look outside of ourselves for answers. PSYCH-K® connects us to our own infinite wisdom.

I do not do the healing. I hold the space for you to do your own healing. You have more POWER than you realize and when you allow it you can live in Peace (Pax) with the INTEGRITY of ALL THAT YOU ARE. You are the one to create the life you want to live. I’ll show you how. You Know YOUR TRUTH BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. You have your own answers.

I envision a world where we are all free to be all that we are without having to hide parts of ourselves, without feeling unworthy, not good enough, broken, unable or unlovable.

I see a world where we do not have to fit into someone else’s idea of who we should and should not be and can hold our own Individual Perspective of Experience within the Connected Collective Consciousness.

I see a world where we can honor, respect and value one another without requiring to agree with one another.

I see a world where everyone can step into who they are- fully, to use their amazing gifts. Yes, YOU!

I see a world where harmony is present in all of us and among us. I see the potential in every person to be their best self and create their ideal life. Nothing makes me happier than to see people do so. Are you ready?


I facilitate a method for Precise, Rapid and Instant Mindset Change that works at the Subconscious Level. By doing this we are able to Instantly replace old Limiting Beliefs that created the Self Defeating Patterns keeping you stuck in a loop with New Beliefs that support Achieving Your Goals Naturally!

How do you know you have limiting beliefs? Look at any area of your life where you have tried to make changes and got stuck in the same place. That indicates beliefs you have at the subconscious level that don’t allow Progress to take place: e.g. Relationships, Work, Business, Career, Money, Body, Physical Wellbeing etc. Limiting beliefs can manifest in patterns we repeat over and over and over, fears, self sabotage and self defeating behaviour. The PSYCH-K® methodology is a Highly EXPERIENTIAL process that is GUIDED by a trained PSYCH-K® facilitator, such as myself.

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