1 PSYCH-K® Session 90 min

1 PSYCH-K® Session 90 min
Who it’s for:

A single session is for the driven entrepreneur who is looking to rewire their UNCONSCIOUS MONEY/ BUSINESS GROWTH BLOCKS to get you to the next step. This can be about sales, your market, your offer, your track record, owning your P&L etc.

What's included:

We spend 90 min One on One via Zoom video conferencing to

  • Identify existing unconscious mental/ emotional blocks
  • We override them with one or multiple self- supportive beliefs

In this extended session, we transform unconscious resistance to the NEXT step towards your goals into inner alignment.


NOTE: This process is helpful to get you UNSTUCK. 

Following up with ACTIONS that embody the new beliefs are both your opportunity and responsibility. 

Multiple sessions may be necessary to reach your goals. For savings, see the HIGH ACHIEVER Package. --->

* There is a link to schedule your 1:1 PSYCH-K® Session after the payment page.