Who it’s for:

This Bundle is for those who are committed to themselves to overcome fear once and for all so they can live a fulfilling and meaningful life that is authentic to them, not someone else's beliefs.

Fear of:

  • The unknown
  • Success
  • Failure
  • Standing out
  • Rejection
  • Missing out
  • Losing yourself etc.

keeps you stuck in the same limiting patterns.

What's included:
  • OVERCOME FEAR Class detailing how fear works and the step by step process to overcome it including the two BONUSES
  • 1 PSYCH-K® Session 90 min to reframe your specific mental blocks into upgraded beliefs that support your actions towards your goals.

This bundle EDUCATES the CONSCIOUS INTELLECT with Information and Strategies AND supports TRANSFORMATION at the UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL OF THE MIND. 

It's a "springboard" to assist you take the ACTIONS necessary to make desired changes in your life based on your FREE WILL. 

You are responsible for the free will of these actions.
* Class starts May 17th
All modules will be recorded and made available to view at your own convenience.
* There is a link to schedule your 1:1 PSYCH-K® Session after the payment page.
BETA PRICING $500 $350 This bundle saves you $150.