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Determinism is the belief that everything is determined by factors outside of one’s self. Some even say that because of this, we could not be held accountable for our actions. If we are just playing out a pre-determined course of action, what choice do we have?

Add to that the hypothesis of Beliefs that are the Programming running our Lives at the Subconscious Level and Determinism makes for a very plausible possibility. Read The POWER of the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND How many people who are into the Law of Attraction got uncomfortable just now? Show of hands, lol. How many people went, I knew it!! hehehe

Now at the other end of the spectrum, we got Free Will, which simply put says we create our own reality. Read The GIFT of the CONSCIOUS MIND. A lot of people are nodding and yet, how come we attract all the crappy situations and all the crazy jerks along with the good stuff we manifest on purpose?! Are we not saying enough affirmations?? A lot of people will actually doubt the existence of free will because of these situations or worse, they’ll feel bad that they attracted them because that must mean they failed at using the Law of Attraction Properly. That may actually not have been the case.   

Being that I’ve always been able to hold opposing views as true at the same time (I’m quite annoying in conversations to those who want me to choose sides, lol ;)) this is how I see it:

Multiple realities can exist at the same time, each with its laws and concepts, neither denying the others, in fact producing an overall reality that all of them are true and valid even if they are contradictory from the point of observation each one has. Woah, I know! Just think about it, from yesterday’s point of view, today is the future, but from tomorrow’s point of view, today is the past. And yet from today’s point of view, we’re in the present. And that’s just using a 3-dimensional concept such as time, which is not even believed to exist linearly in other dimensions. Do you see how all of them are valid and yet contradictory? Denying that time exists in the 3-dimensional reality because it’s an “illusion” does not make other dimensional reality any more valid. In fact, it affects the Integrity of the Overall Reality, which limits your ability to work within it. Let me know when your head stops spinning.

Determinism is spiritually true in the sense that many seem to believe we come into this life with an agenda to Experience and Learn Something Specific. It can also be debated from the standpoint of Personality Psychology and Neuroscience as outlined in The Neuroscience of Personality by Dr. Dario Nardi.

Spiritually speaking, let’s suppose I wanted to understand what it takes to become a ski champion at a young age, I may not choose to be born and raised in the islands. I may choose to be born in Canada and have the opportunity to hit the slopes as part of my upbringing. At the Higher Self Level- the one that chose to come into the 3-dimensional reality with the intent of learning something, I Pre-determined to come into a situation that has the potential to propel me on the Trajectory of experiencing what I set out to learn. From the point of view of my Higher Self, I am presenting my 3-dimensional self with the opportunity to experience what it takes and what it’s like to fulfill my goal. From the perspective of my 3-dimensional 5-year-old self that just took a tumble down the slope, life sucks coz I got an ouchie- but that ouchie is giving me the opportunity to learn how to get up and how to be steadier on my feet, which is part of the process of becoming that Ski Champion. I have the Free Will to quit or work on it and a whole range of other choices in between. If I choose to work on it, I can focus and become aware of all of my choices and align my conscious and unconscious mind with my actions to get into Flow and succeed. Or, I may choose to take the experience I gathered learning a sport, apply it to something else entirely and, becoming a successful business owner going through ups and downs, just like the tumbles on the slope and developing the skills of discipline, Flow, etc. much like I would have had I stayed on the ski Trajectory.  

In order to exercise Free Will, One must first Become Aware of Where One Is and Where One Wants to Be. The questions: What is Happening? and What do I want to Happen? become essential. Then you have to Trust that LIFE Happens FOR YOU, not TO YOU and accept the Determinism that Your Higher Self is Laying Out for You to Succeed in Your Experience. This is where missing the bus to avoid an accident is working out for you, where being dumped is changing course to be in a fulfilling relationship down the road, being fired is opening you up to starting your own business, where failing early teaches you to succeed long term and where having a cold is giving you time off! It might suck… but you don’t see the whole picture from your 3 dimensional vantage point. Your Higher Self does.

You’re not wrong to feel it sucks! It does. Don’t deny it but don’t get stuck into that limiting belief. Things are always happening FOR you behind the scenes and the Universe supports you. At the same time, you’ll want to step back from the judgment that something is “bad” and undesirable even if it sucks and instead embrace it because Your Natural State: What it Means to Live with INTEGRITY unifies both polarities in order to have a Complete Experience. What’s more, avoiding something instead of going through it only calls attention to it. Ironic! I wrote a series of articles on topics that we think of as unpleasant to put them into perspective so we can be as practical as possible when dealing with them- otherwise, they keep popping up! Read PAIN POINTS- How to Recognize Them and What to Do About Them and Why People Piss You Off and How to Make the Most of It.  

Determinism accepts the programs of our life and stays on the Subconscious Programming Loops. Free Will gives you the option to CHOOSE with Discernment. Which way do you want to live?

So… Being Aware… opens up the Power of your Free Will. Have fun! 🙂

Excited about what you just read? Share it!

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