ENERGY- All there is and What’s It To You

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We are made of atoms but our atoms and the atoms of things in the physical are moving so fast they give the illusion of a solid mass. Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D., the author of The Biology of Belief uses the example of throwing something into a fast spinning tornado- the object, be it even a large car, won’t be able to penetrate past the fast-spinning wall that’s formed. So our bodies are essentially fast-spinning energy, giving off more energy. Atoms give off energy that together form a magnetic field. We are the atoms (which are energy) and we are the magnetic field. Therefore, there is no separation between you and all the energy around you. Some vibrate so fast and you can interact with it in the physical reality. Another type of energy you cannot see in the physical because it vibrates at a different frequency. When people talk about being on the same wavelength, it usually means in the physical but it applies to all energy. That’s how the Law of Attraction functions. Like, can interact with like- just like tuning into a radio station. When people talk about raising their vibration, they talk about matching with that vibration and the energy associated with it. Higher vibration can also access information beyond the physical. We happen to do so in our sleep state since we drop the physical resistance. Thoughts and feelings are energy so the energy they put out is on the same wavelengths to other thoughts, feelings, people, situations, etc. Read How to Surf the VIBRATION Waves

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