Why You Should Not to Be Afraid of Tears

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Tears are the physical expression of emotion, much like goosebumps, arousal and that extra energy that makes you jump up and down when you are super excited!! Tears can happen when you are happy and when you are sad. They come and they go with the emotion.

For some reason, in today’s society, we have come to be uncomfortable with experiencing our own tears and seeing someone else in tears. How many people apologize for crying? Would you apologize for having goosebumps? Or being happy?

What’s worse, we are taught that crying makes us weak and that we need to “toughen up”. This is especially hard on men that have to fit certain stereotypes. Hm, I wonder what being “emotionally unavailable” comes from? It’s not easy for women either, as they fear being dismissed for having emotions. This Denial of the Natural Process of Your Body Fulfilling Its Purpose to Communicate Emotion to/ from your Higher Self is Not Healthy. The very point of us having The Human Experience is To FEEL Things Physically Through our Bodies as part of our Spiritual Evolvement. Why would you deprive yourself of it? A large part has to do with Us not Loving Ourselves enough to Honor All That We Are and Living Our Life According to What Others Expect Us to Be for Them. I wrote about it in How to be UnFUCKwithAble! Yes, you want to be 

Crying does not make you weak. Even if it could, a Temporary Emotion Cannot Make You Something Permanently. Emotions come and go. They are meant to flow. You disrupt the natural process when you stop your tears. Not only that but I don’t know if you notice, nobody feels bad after a good cry. All, in fact, feel BETTER. Someone called Tears the Elixir of Healing which is a soothing way to think of it. Feeling Heals. We get Stuck in the Same Emotion Longer When We Deny It. So Don’t Deny Your Tears; Embrace Them! It’s a cathartic part of the process. Having the COURAGE TO BE VULNERABLE is Proof of STRENGTH and SELF LOVE.

What about the people who are uncomfortable with your tears? Well, the discomfort with emotion is theirs now, isn’t it? Granted, it’s not ideal to extrovert things onto people who are not equipped to handle them and it’s much more efficient to take issues to appropriate parties (from friends/ family members who are comfortable with them to professional therapists who are trained appropriately). Your business is to be all you can be- and that includes all the parts of yourself. Read Your Natural State: What it Means to Live with INTEGRITY Nobody who is comfortable with their own emotions will make you feel bad about yours. And no, Society would not be in Chaos if we all Dared to Feel! There is a Natural Balance you don’t have to worry about it. It’s the Universe’s job to keep the Earth spinning in its orbit. Ain’t that great? Phew! 

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