How to be Unfuckwithable! Yes, you want to be ;)

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Woooooh, she used a bad word… Nope, nope she didn’t. She used a VERY POWERFUL word.

I can’t say I came up with it so credit where it’s due: Vishen Lakhiani brought it up in Chapter 9 of his book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind (one of the most Significant spiritual reads I Recommend). His definition is as follows:

“Unfuckwithable: When you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself. Nothing anyone says or does bothers you and no negativity can touch you.”

“Extraordinary minds do not need to seek validation from outside opinion or through the attainment of goals. Instead they are truly at peace with themselves and the world around them. They live fearlessly- immune to criticism or praise and fueled by their own inner happiness and self- love.”

SELF-LOVE. The elusive self love we all nod in approvement when we read, share memes and hear it being talked about but know not HOW to Make Happen (coz they don’t tech you that in school). Yeah, THAT SELF-LOVE! Dr Bruce Lipton Ph.D estimates about 80% of the world population does not Love Themselves! I thought, after decades of repeating affirmations until I was blue in the face and taking multiple excruciating but Self Affirming Actions (it’s not easy to go against your programming!) and having come as far as I’d come (yay, me, pat on shoulder), I was ahead of the pack on this one.

…Even though… I was selectively letting people know parts of me because I didn’t want to be Judged or Upset Them. Everyone has a Public Self and a Private Self, right? It’s only Polite, no?? NO?!! Holding back and living your life according to what others can handle about you is not loving yourself or them!

Being empathetic, I could almost read people’s opinions before they even voiced them (I actually did). And so I knew I held back. (Not Loving Yourself doesn’t look just like hiding parts of you. It also looks like pushing yourself beyond your limits to the point of Self Abuse in an attempt to prove how Worthy and Significant You Are- both to Yourself and to Others. It’s a bottomless barrel and a practice that burns the candle at both ends without relief. It can look like many things. Can you think of any?)

Could it mean I wasn’t accepting MYSELF fully? Could that mean I didn’t LOVE ME? Could that mean it was holding me back from living my best life? Could that mean it kept me from truly serving others??? It was always easy for me to Love others- as they were, to see the beauty in their “flaws” to know they were more powerful and precious than even they knew. Why not me? What if by holding back, I wasn’t Loving Them?… For someone who’s known all her life she was here to Hold Space for People to EMPOWER THEMSELVES (really, I’ve done it for as long as I can remember, as far back as when I was 4 years old) All of These Questions became a Necessity to Ask even if I was Afraid of the Answer.

I didn’t need Confirmation of the Answer. I Knew it Instantly when I Asked Myself Those Questions. I didn’t FULLY Love Myself. I loved Parts of Me. The Parts that got Great Reviews, but not the ones I was Ashamed of, or Afraid of being Judged for. I had Separated myself from so many… Parts of me… Do you know what I mean?…

Great! Now what? How do I go from not Loving Myself to Loving Myself to live my Best Life and to Show Up Fully for Others? It just so happened, I ran into Information about PSYCH-K® so I booked a Session (Dr. Bruce Lipton’s talks made so much sense to me and PSYCH-K® resonated with me on a very deep Level). During the session, the KINESIOLOGY= Muscle Testing confirmed that I didn’t Love Myself. The Process of replacing one Self Defeating Limiting Belief with a New Self Supportive Belief is called a Balance in PSYCH-K®. My Very First Balance was: I LOVE MYSELF AND ALL THAT I AM. I didn’t know what to expect but I followed my facilitator’s instructions (who in a short time became my Instructor when I myself took the Workshop to become a Facilitator). In a few short minutes I felt the Internal SHIFT. Yeah, BELIEVING different thoughts FEELS differently.

PSYCH-K® is not the ONLY method that leads to one Loving Themselves. It is however THE most Precise, Rapid and Easy method I’ve ever experienced. In fact, I write about all the ways I’ve learned so far in 4 Ways We Create New Beliefs and Patterns. I invite you to pick and choose and practice at Your Will. I am here to raise awareness to the epidemic that the people on this planet are going through and to encourage you to find your way to SELF LOVE because IT CHANGES EVERYTHING FOR THE BETTER. It not only changes the relationship with Ourselves but the relationships with each other and by the way, we’re social creatures… the entirety of our lives is governed by relationships. If you are like me and you want to get laser-focused and precise in replacing your Self Defeating Beliefs with Self Enhancing Ones so you can get to create your best life and show up for others in your best possible way, consider booking a PSYCH-K® Session with me.

And don’t worry, Self Love won’t turn you into a meanie. Read Self Care vs Selfishness: How to Love Yourself AND Love Others without feeling guilty or being a jerk. 🙂

Excited about what you just read? Share it!

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