How to Get in Touch with Your INTUITION by LISTENING to YOUR BODY
What you see, hear, smell, taste, feel

How to Get in Touch with Your INTUITION by LISTENING to YOUR BODY

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In the INTELLIGENCE of the BODY, I talk about its Conductivity of Information from our Higher Selves. Intuition is nothing more than awareness of this information and the ability to interpret it. If it sounds easier said than done, read on to learn what to look for as you start exercising yours:

The feelings you get in your body are messages from your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Everyone has experienced Goose Bumps at one point or another when the idea they came in contact with resonated so deeply it elicited an instant physical reaction.

The “swallow test” is a telling experiment as well. Say “My name is and your name” then swallow. Now say “My name is…” and say a name of the opposite sex. Now try to swallow. It feels completely different. This is where “hard to swallow” comes from. Your physical body and your Throat Chakra is very telling in matters of communication and it can definitely act up if you are withholding info. If you’ve been biting your tongue and you get a sore throat, consider speaking up!

How many have felt like a “weight lifted” after we found out good news? That feeling of lightness is a message just like a feeling of heaviness. This is particularly useful when faced with two choices. Which one feels “light” and which one feels “heavy”? This can often be in reference to your Sense of Self, aka the Heart Chakrs and the Solar Plexus Chakra located in your chest and upper abdomen respectively.

If you have a Sacral Authority in Human Design, you may feel a “gut feeling” or electrical impulses in the Sacral Chakra area like I do when presented with things/people/situations/places you resonate with strongly.

Chakras are energy portals in the body. They are swirling, concentrated areas where information manifests through. By the way, your SIXTH Chakra (also known as the Third Eye) is where your SIXTH SENSE comes from. 😉 Place a drop of natural Frankincense essential oil on it and you may be surprised to feel it “tingle”.

These are only a few examples of how our bodies send us messages. Develop your own intuition language and practice listening to it. You will find an ease of navigation that is pleasant, wondrous, and refreshing. For example, something myself, my mom, and my grandma have had in common is that our left palms itching lets us know we will be receiving money while the right palm itching us lets us know of an upcoming expense.

Also read Kinesiology- Muscle Testing. When done correctly, it’s a clear way of asking specific questions and getting instant answers.

Excited about what you just read? Share it!

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