How to take YOUR POWER Back

How to take YOUR POWER Back

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If you feel “less than”, not enough, can’t measure up to what you think others want you to be or to what they ask you to be… it’s only because YOU agree with them. It’s not that you are not enough or worthy. It’s because you bought into that idea from them or from others before them and they are only replaying that message back because they resonate in the SUBCONSCIOUS vibration that you are emitting.

It is not YOUR opinion that you are not good enough, nor your Higher Self’s/ SOURCE’S. No baby comes into the world with low self esteem. No baby thinks: “hm, I’m gonna play it cool when I’m hungry so I don’t bother mom because I’m not good enough for attention”. Oh, no! They scream bloody murder to get their needs met because they KNOW it is their RIGHT to fulfill them. They also have the WISDOM to KNOW what they need and they TRUST it. We ALL have the WISDOM to know who we are, what we need, why we’re here and how to do whatever it is that we want to do or how to get that. That WISDOM flows through us if WE ALLOW IT.

At some point along the way, we exchange our own opinion for someone else’s- typically from people in a position of “authority” over us: parents/relatives/adults, siblings, teachers, coaches, clergy, work superiors, the media, famous people and people we hold in high regard. The opinions of others, whether they are expressed in a well meaning or less than well meaning way can create conclusions about our adequateness, our abilities and our rights to be our best. Those thoughts are an adaptive strategy at the time because knowing what is “expected” of us makes us “good” and therefore rewarded/ not punished, but it can also be a very LIMITING BELIEF that hinders you in the long term when you want to create a life outside of those parameters.

For example, if you bought into the idea that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, you’ll have a very challenging time learning the skills and taking the actions of creating a life of “abundance” that comes to you with ease. The limitations of the beliefs you hold at the SUBCONSCIOUS level reflect in your outer reality. When we feel powerless to create the life we want for ourselves, it’s because at a deeper level we bought into the idea that we can’t, that we are not good enough or worthy of deserving it. You bought into the idea that it is not OK to love yourself.

The way to take your power back is to change that belief at a core, SUBCONSCIOUS level. Read 4 Ways We Create New Beliefs and Patterns to find out how.

LOVE YOURSELF and nobody can mess with you. You are simply not a match for that type of behaviour because you vibrate on a different level. Book an I LOVE MYSELF PSYCH-K® Party for you and your friends or a Book a Private PSYCH-K® Session.

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