LIFE Happens FOR YOU, not TO YOU

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Why does everything happen to me???

Good question. How would you view things a different way if you asked a better one:

Why does everything happen FOR me?…

Is it possible that the things that show up in our life over and over are calling attention to those things we need to work on the most? But, but, it sucks! Yeah… it does. Until you figure it out, then it doesn’t suck anymore because it’s not the thing that sucks, it’s our inability to deal with it in a way that doesn’t hurt. Broccoli is broccoli. Some people love it, some people hate it. The delight and distress are personal to the people eating it not to the veggie itself. It’s the same with everything else.

How much easier would it be to KNOW that being dumped was not a reflection of something being wrong with you but the fact that you no longer fit into that relationship because you needed the opportunity to grow outside of it?

How many “bad” things turned out to be good in the long term? Look back on your life. Can you find any situations that felt like they sucked at the time you were going through them only to turn out to be “blessings in disguise” later on? Those are not a rare occurrence. It’s the way the Universe works. EVERYTHING happens FOR you, not to you. Keep that in mind the next time something…. happens. How you feel about it is in your hands and that determines your experience of it. That puts you in control of your life.

You CAN make the most of each situation by the vantage point to you choose to observe it from and the lesson you take from it. Read Why and How to SURRENDER to Your HIGHER SELF

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