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TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES have the Power & Responsibility to make the world a better place.
We strengthen founders and their teams to SKYROCKET BUSINESS GROWTH and WORLD ADVANCEMENT.
Our MINDSET DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS are eye-opening, proven, science-backed, and scalable.

> Success AND Happiness < is the New Standard

Profit, Purpose & Fulfillment

Those “Success and Happiness” aspects of PURPOSE are determined by the fulfillment of these 4 HUMAN NEEDSwhich, when met at the INDIVIDUAL LEVEL of each team member, create a healthy INDUSTRY-LEADING COMPANY.



1. Safety and Routine
2. Exploration and New Experiences
3. Self-significance and Independence
4. Giving to and Receiving from others
1. Organization and Communication
2. Education and Development
3. Reflecting and Refining
4. Cooperation and Contribution

Excellence vs Mediocrity

All people value TWO of these needs above the others by default (aka “survival-based mechanism).

Systematically developing those remaining two PERSONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH is KEY for High Performers who seek to outgrow survival (just enoughness) so they can maximize their potential and be FULFILLED in their PURPOSE

It’s in the best interest of company founders to delvelop their own mental opportunities for growth and to install this practice in their business so it elevates the whole team.

Superpowers and Kryptonite

In order to fulfill ALL of the above needs to exponentially increase their results our clients master the following 8 Mindset Abilities :

  • Core Values
  • Empathy Connection
  • Creative Innovation
  • Vision Defining
  • Informative Data
  • Systems Implementation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Aligned Action

The Mindset Breakthrough for Leaders

Most people are proficient in two “Superpowers”, aware of a third, struggle with a fourth “Kryptonite”, and the remaining four are complete blindspots that don’t occur to them.  These thought processes are the root of REPEATED PATTERNS

>>> WHAT we think is a result of HOW we think. <<<

Our solutions are only as good as our ability to employ these 8 thought processes.

When we maximize our ability to think past our known 3D experiences that are embedded in the synapses we strengthened through habits of thought and behavior, we tap into the FLOW of Quantum Abundance of POSSIBILITY.

That’s where CREATIVITY and INNOVATION downloads come from.

5x productivity with FLOW

We ensure Personal & Group FLOW through a quadruple methodology:

Practical, Emotional, Psycho-somatic and Holistic.

Our experience-based approach goes beyond the information-only trainings.

By the end of the TRANSFORMATION in our program, you'll be able to:


  • Use tactical listening skills to IDENTIFY MENTAL STRENGTHS and OPPORTUNITIES of each team member. HR and the Management Team will have the TOOLS necessary to turbo-charge employee motivation and performance. This leads to higher employee retention and customer satisfaction.
  • Use science-backed techniques to calm the physical-emotional system down within minutes to OVERCOME STRESS, avoid mistakes due to “limited-thinking” and activate “whole-brain thinking”
  • Have INNOVATION INSURANCE Understand the changing market conditions and consistently create leading solutions in your field. This enables the executive team and sales team to create a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE and SOLUTIONS-BASED CULTURE
  • Have access to a network of thought leaders who inspire and support your progress