ONEness- You are never alone

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This is a mind-bender. Are you ready? Not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous to write about this topic because I want to do it justice and it’s one of those things I hope to find the right words to describe because conceptually it’s hard enough to imagine with our limited human capability, let alone DROPPING OUR RESISTANCE to it and allowing ourselves to FEEL it. The reason why I wanted to bring it up is that I EXPERIENCED a glimpse of it and it changed EVERYTHING in my understanding forever.

We’ve all heard that we are connected. It’s a nice thought depending on who you’re thinking of being connected to. Let’s be real, there’s some characters out there we don’t wanna have anything to do with!! And yet… we are… all connected. Not as in we are each individuals that are strung together by invisible bonds, but as in our entire beings, 3 dimensional/ physical and mental/ emotional energy bodies are ALL the same SOURCE ENERGY. Nothing is outside of it, not you, not me, not the dog, not the oxygen in the air, not the table or the wifi. Everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING is SOURCE ENERGY, all the Dimensions, the Universes, all the Thoughts ever thought, all the Feelings every felt, all the Time Periods etc (time is a 3 dimensional reality by the way, but let’s tackle one mind twister at a time, lol).

So why do we feel separate then? Read The Human Experience.

With that being said, I’ll let you in on a recent happening of mine. I got to a point between being awake and being asleep after the first day at the PSYCH-K® facilitator training where I lucidly felt myself not bound to my body but encompassing everything in existance… and then I uniquely experienced myself as an Embodied Extension of that SOURCE ENERGY. I was not separate from it, but a form of it. I then experienced things as another person I know- being another aspect of my embodied self experiencing life from a different vantage point. To say it was trippy and cool is an understatement!

I spent years feeling alone and misunderstood by everyone around me. I no longer do. I am so CONNECTED to all that there is. And so are you. I know that if you feel lonely, this is hard to believe, but you are and that is immensely valuable to know… because you have ACCESS to ALL OF CREATION… if you ALLOW IT. It means that you have a say in the WILL to Create your Life the way you want it to be and you have the RESOURCES to create it all Flowing Through YOU. Read ENERGY- All there is and What’s It To You You are Never Alone. You ARE constantly creating your Life and you CAN create it on PURPOSE. That means yourself, your relationships, your business/ career, your finances etc.

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