You will be electronically signing this agreement after making the payment and booking a time slot for your first session:

“I understand and agree that I am individually responsible for my own life and its unfolding. As an expression of my responsibility, I am seeking assistance with the beliefs that manifest my reality, but the actual manifestation of that reality is up to me. As such, Elizabeth Stoian and PSYCH-K® do not guarantee a manifested result. The PSYCH-K® Process will result in a Whole- Brain State with significantly more capacity and potential to be aware of options and manifest one’s preferences/ goals. I understand that Elizabeth Stoian and PSYCH-K® do not heal people. PSYCH-K® is a “do with” not “do to” modality. The process is designed for The Partner (Me) and The Facilitator (Elizabeth Stoian) to identify and resolve underlying subconscious limitations, stress, conflicts, that may be leading to unwanted physical circumstances. Resolving these typically support the individual’s self- healing process. I understand that other factors may be involved with any challenges in life. I understand PSYCH-K® supports people in changing their lives in positive ways and one or more Belief Balances may be beneficial around certain areas in my life. I’m committed to my session(s) and agree to use my purchased time within 6 months. I also understand that sessions are non-refundable once booked and canceling/ no shows/ rescheduling requests less than 48 hours before the session are not available. If looking to reschedule a session with notice longer than 48 hours, I will contact Elizabeth Stoian for availability at”