Say how?…

Something occured to me recently:

There are people who say what they think no matter what. How you take it is on you. They hold no responsibility for that.

There are those who feel responsible for how their words and actions impact another person.

Which one are you and how has it impacted the growth of your business as well as your relationships- business or otherwise?

 Here are some points to ponder:

-Intent: where does your message come from? Is it coming from a well meaning place, a place of disregard or a getting back at someone place? One is more inclined to get past a message that “rubbed them the wrong way” if it wasn’t malicious, vs someone who wanted to harm them. Lack of consideration can also have a negative connotation.

-Receptiveness of the person you’re engaging in conversation- are you volunteering information/opinion that is not likely to be welcomed or is uncalled for? When someone asks for an opinion, they are looking for your view. (how you deliver it is a different story- see point below)

-Diplomacy vs bluntness: While we cannot be responsible for another person’s happiness, if we have the experience/ insight to foresee that certain things can do damage to someone else… we also have a responsibility not to harm them. Using tact or frankness as needed is within everyone’s reach and control.

In my humble conclusion (please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments 🙂 ):

-We all have a right to voice our opinions. It is our right. Our opinions and actions have the potential to change the world- at least one person’s world. With that power comes the responsibility of what we put out into the world. 
-Which brings me to the ultimate conclusion- strengthen yourself, be so centered that you are able to handle things for what they are rather than reacting to someone in a way that does not serve you. It permeates all areas of your life.

Your Natural State: What it Means to Live with INTEGRITY

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