Scarcity Mindset vs Abundance Mindset

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The Scarcity Mindset says I can Have Only if You Don’t. If You Have, then I Don’t. Competition is based on Scarcity Ideas.

Abundance says Both You and I can Have. Abundance is Based on Collaboration and Creativity.

These MINDSETS show up in how we view and approach Everything: Relationships (Self Care vs Selfishness: How to Love Yourself AND Love Others without feeling guilty or compromising either one), Money/ Work/ Business (Why Hierarchy is Not Necessary and what True Leadership Is) even the way we treat ourselves (SELF LOVE).

The Scarcity Mindset lives in the Stress of having to figure it all by yourself. The Abundance Mindset knows that the SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND of ALL THERE IS Supports YOU no matter what your choices are and that if You Know How to Communicate with It, It Presents You with Everything You Need to Get What you Want. Read The WISDOM of the SUPER CONSCIOUS MIND to learn more about the Process.

An easy way to know which MINDSET you are acting out of is to ask yourself: Does this idea/ action Separate/ Put Down people or does it Unify/ Harmonize? The Scarcity Mindset lives in the Lower Vibrations and the Abundance Mindset lives in the Higher Vibrations. I outline the concept of Vibration and how everything relates in How to Surf the VIBRATION Waves. In Higher vibrations we feel the unity and connection to each other and all that there is. Lower vibrations make us feel separate and alone.

Excited about what you just read? Share it!

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