Self Care vs Selfishness: How to Love Yourself AND Love Others without feeling guilty or being a jerk
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Self Care vs Selfishness: How to Love Yourself AND Love Others without feeling guilty or being a jerk

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Self-care stems from SELF LOVE. Why would you take care of something if it wasn’t important to you?

So, step 1: Love Yourself. If you have a problem with that- weather the problem is being OK with the idea of not knowing HOW to do it because you have years of opposing beliefs and practices that tell you the opposite, contact me to see if a PSYCH-K® I LOVE ME Session is right for you. Seriously, it makes all the difference! Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D., one of the pioneers of the Rapid Mindset Shift Methodology called PSYCH-K® estimates that about 80% of the world population does not love themselves and all that they are- me having been one of those people prior to going through the PSYCH-K® process. It’s why I became a facilitator of the method and why I’m even able to publish this article. Old me would have doubted the heck of my being able to do this! New me is laser-focused and rocking it 😉

Step 2 in self care is to do what comes naturally when you love yourself and live with that INTEGRITY: honor yourself!

Say what is authentic for you when you want to speak up- you can do it respectfully and if anyone has a problem with it, it’s their problem, not yours to solve. The only time is hard to speak up is when you don’t love yourself and you put others before you in an attempt to feel like you are a good person and to be validated as such by others in order to feel self-worth and what you think is love. When you Love Yourself fully, you do not need any validation! Read How to be Unfuckwithable! Yes, you want to be 😉 and How to take YOUR POWER Back

Do the things you need to do for yourself- pay attention to your body, nurture it, give it rest when it needs it, good food and water, fresh air and movement. Dance once in a while! Laugh! Spend time with uplifting people and be one of them. Spend time doing and learning something that interests you and excites you. If these things are a problem because you think they are hard/ impossible or you don’t have the energy to do them… you are not loving yourself. These things come easily when you do.

Loving yourself is not only good for you so you can live with joy and create the life you want to live but it’s the best thing you can do for others. When you show up with a full tank, they get the whole experience of you and nobody has to try to complete you or make up for you. They can’t anyway! You’re the only one who can do so. And when you do, you won’t need a crutch and nobody will have to walk on eggshells. It’s not selfish to love yourself. It’s selfish not to because it affects everyone else. LOVE YOURSELF!!! 🙂

Excited about what you just read? Share it!

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