Single sessions are a great way to EXPERIENCE the process of identifying unconscious blocks and implementing new Self-Supportive Beliefs that contribute to being happier and reaching your goals.

Mental/ emotional shifts are instant, however, a MINDSET is a SET OF BELIEFS that drives your decisions and actions. In order to move the needle and see RESULTS in that area of your life, multiple sessions are necessary to UPGRADE YOUR MINDSET. 

That is what the Package is designed to do. —>

This package is designed to support you to OPTIMIZE YOUR MINDSET for HAPPINESS and SUCCESS.

That involves reframing your unconscious perceptions about unresolved past pain and the further conscious development of practices that help you achieve your goals.

The process reveals which is the priority and sequence to UNBLOCK with each step at the unconscious level so you can feel better and be free to take actions that change your life.

1 PSYCH-K® Session 90 min
Who it’s for:

A single session is for the driven entrepreneur who is looking to rewire their UNCONSCIOUS MONEY/ BUSINESS GROWTH BLOCKS to get you to the next step. This can be about sales, your market, your offer, your track record, owning your P&L etc.

What’s included:

We spend 90 min One on One via Zoom video conferencing to

  • Identify existing unconscious mental/ emotional blocks
  • We override them with one or multiple self- supportive beliefs

In this extended session, we transform unconscious resistance to the NEXT step towards your goals into inner alignment.


NOTE: This process is helpful to get you UNSTUCK. 

Following up with ACTIONS that embody the new beliefs are both your opportunity and responsibility. 

Multiple sessions may be necessary to reach your goals. For savings, see the HIGH ACHIEVER Package. --->

* There is a link to schedule your 1:1 PSYCH-K® Session after the payment page.


High Achiever Package
Who it’s for:

This is for you if you are a go-getter entrepreneur and know you’re capable of more than what you have been accomplishing in your business.

If you have been taking strategy courses, and working with coaches/ mentors without maxing out your results, lack of knowledge is not what is holding you back.

You’ll benefit from knowing and understanding:

  • Your unique UNCONSCIOUS BLUEPRINT of THOUGHT PATTERNS (there are over 500 unique psychological types leading one’s mind to prioritize what it focuses on when making observations and decisions. Knowing your brain’s algorithm is eye-opening).
  • Your mental strengths and underdeveloped areas along with your blindspots that determine your REPEATED life problems.
  • Rewiring your perception about them from the UNCONSCIOUS level out to replace limiting beliefs with SELF-SUPPORTIVE BELIEFS that drive RESULTS.
  • The exact science-backed process of leveraging the brain-body connection to shift your brainwave state from stress to calm when learning new skills and implementing the actions that lead to upgraded results.
What’s included:

8 sessions scheduled every one to four weeks. This package is 100% customized to you.

It is designed to complement your GOALS as we systematically work through what’s holding you back unconsciously and optimize your mindset to perform at a higher level.

* There is a link to schedule your 1:1 PSYCH-K® Sessions after the payment page.

If you have questions about working together, contact me here.