3 Dimesional “Realness” vs Higher Dimensional “Woohoo”

Chances are if you’re here, you’re a bit “woohoo” (welcome!). In the event that you lean a little more- or a LOT more “realist”…Welcome! 🙂
The train of thought generally goes one way or another and people can get into some heated convos over who’s right. Read Treasure OPPOSING Opinions and AWARENESS is NECESSARY for FREE WILL to EXIST. People with realistic perspectives argue that “reality” is what you see- if you see it, it’s real, if not, it’s your imagination. All is good looking at that table over there… until you get to wifi… coz you can’t see it (usually)… but it’s there… So there goes that as THE deciding factor for what’s real and what’s not.

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The Human Experience

Mere mortals no more! If you were led to believe that our “little” lives here on Earth are less than extraordinary and that enlightenment happens “up there” in the Ethers, think again!

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