4 Ways We Create New Beliefs and Patterns

The BELIEFS that run the PATTERNS that Create Your Life dwell in Your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, not in your CONSCIOUS MIND. That’s why you can read books at the CONSCIOUS LEVEL all day long but until you Internalize the info in the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, you won’t have the ease of having the Habits of thought to make the things you want to create materialize. According to Dr Bruce Lipton Ph.D, one of the pioneers of the PSYCH-K® and the author of The Biology of Belief, these are the ways our SUBCONSCIOUS learns:

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What’s 2 x 2? You just accessed your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. It’s a big hard drive that stores info and runs our life according to that info. We “file” things into our SUBCONSCOUS MIND several ways. Read 4 Ways We Create New BELIEFS and PATTERNS. It also controls the motor functions in the body like walking through muscle movement. This is why Kinesiology- Muscle Testing can be used to access the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.
Just because we make a decision at the CONSCIOUS LEVEL like reading a book for example, doesn’t mean our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND internalized them info to make it easy to implement.

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