When and What Broke You? What if there was a Way to be COMPLETE Again?

Shame, blame, guilt, embarassement, feeling unworthy/ less than/ not good enough break us up into pieces and create the vicious cycles of reinforcing those same feelings. Whaterver piece of us we feel is not good enough, we separate ourselves from in shame. We dissociate from those pieces in an attempt to be our best selves, to be loved, to be successful but the truth is those pieces of ourselves we wish weren’t there are just as lovable and successful as the rest of us. We may even hate them or find them annoying in others. Judging others is always a reflection of judging ourselves.

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PAIN POINTS- How to Recognize Them and What to Do About Them

I don’t like your Blue and Russet striped hair or your dragon tail. Did I hurt your feelings? No? Why, coz you don’t have Blue and Russet striped hair or a dragon tail? (I apologise if you do). So what I say has no power over you when you know what I’m saying is my opinion and it has nothing to do with you.
What if I called you Fat? Or ugly? Or Old? Or Stupid? Or a Loser? Or Good for Nothing? Or Annoying? Or Needy? Any of them push a button? Hopefully not, but if you are like like most people- meaning human, lol- chances are someone called you something that hurt you at some point in your life.

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How to Surf the VIBRATION Waves

In Power vs Force, Dr David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D. calibrated the Vibration Values of Different Feelings through the process of Kinesiology- Muscle Testing. For example, he uncovered that Shame/ Humiliation have the low vibration is 20, while Neutrality/ Trust rank as 250 and Love/ Reverence register at 500. Enlightenment/ Pure Consciousness occur in the 700- 1,000 range. If you want to know the values of more feelings, they are outlined in the book (fascinating read). 🙂

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