Do You Question if YOU ARE “GOOD ENOUGH”? Here is the answer

First of all, that is a doubt you picked up from others. When you were a baby learning to walk, the thought did not cross your mind. You just knew you wanted to go get the toy and you got up and tried to figure it out. Over and over and over. You trusted yourself without a doubt that you’d do everything to get it done, so much so that you did not even think failure existed to even be an option. Well, that potential to accomplish you getting what you want is still in you. The difference is now you have programs in your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND that you bought into that make you doubt your abilities, maybe even your right to accomplish your goals. So it’s not your ability to achieve anything you desire that’s changed, it’s your KNOWING you CAN (

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We are not a body with a soul. We are not a soul with a body. The Body is a Physical Manifestation of the SOURCE ENERGY that WE ARE. Read ONEness- We are Never Alone and ENERGY- All There Is to understand Source Energy.
owing that the 3 dimensional body is not an entity outside of the Spiritual Realm and it’s in fact part of it explains how valuable it is in our Communication with our Higher Self. It is in fact the Communication Pathway to Higher Consciousness. A lot of people separate themselves from the physical aspects in the journey to Spirituality. Read The Human Experience to understand how sacred and essential the body is to our Spiritual Development.

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