Why You Should Not to Be Afraid of Tears

Tears are the physical expression of emotion, much like goosebumps, arousal and that extra energy that makes you jump up and down when you are super excited!! Tears can happen when you are happy and when you are sad. They come and they go with the emotion.
For some reason, in today’s society, we have come to be uncomfrotable with experiencing our own tears and seeing someone else in tears. How many people apologise for crying? Would you apologise for having goosebumps? Or being happy? What’s worse, we are taught that crying makes us weak and that we need to “toughen up”.

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When and What Broke You? What if there was a Way to be COMPLETE Again?

Shame, blame, guilt, embarassement, feeling unworthy/ less than/ not good enough break us up into pieces and create the vicious cycles of reinforcing those same feelings. Whaterver piece of us we feel is not good enough, we separate ourselves from in shame. We dissociate from those pieces in an attempt to be our best selves, to be loved, to be successful but the truth is those pieces of ourselves we wish weren’t there are just as lovable and successful as the rest of us. We may even hate them or find them annoying in others. Judging others is always a reflection of judging ourselves.

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Your Natural State: What it Means to Live with INTEGRITY

Integrate all parts of yourself in peace (pax). This is the idea behind my business and my calling. Integration of all that you are is stepping fully into your Whole Power, not dissociating or denying parts of yourself in shame, feelings of unworthiness, embarrassment or feeling less than.

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