How Not to Beat Yourself Up When The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work as YOU Wanted It To!

If you’ve been on the Positive Thinking attracts Positive Things train, you’ve probably experienced both the thrill of synchronicity and stuff going your way as well as the disappointment and confusion when things did not end up according to the vision board.
Did the Law of Attraction not work or did you do it wrong? Neither, actually. The Law of Attraction works all day every day like Gravity does. That’s why it’s Natural Law. And you may or may not have done it “wrong”. Assuming you weren’t focusing on what not to get because then you’re focusing on the lack of it and therefore creating more lack of it because focus creates, there are Different Points of attraction within your being so even if you were to do everything right, your points of attraction outside of your Conscious Mind can vibrate at a different frequency than that which you want to reflect in your outside reality.

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What’s 2 x 2? You just accessed your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. It’s a big hard drive that stores info and runs our life according to that info. We “file” things into our SUBCONSCOUS MIND several ways. Read 4 Ways We Create New BELIEFS and PATTERNS. It also controls the motor functions in the body like walking through muscle movement. This is why Kinesiology- Muscle Testing can be used to access the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.
Just because we make a decision at the CONSCIOUS LEVEL like reading a book for example, doesn’t mean our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND internalized them info to make it easy to implement.

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Why you’re stuck in the same patterns and how to break free

If you’ve ever tried to achieve something only to fail time and time again, you most likely have a LIMITING BELIEF that creates the same SELF DEFEATING PATTERNS over and over. We draw conclusions all the time and store them in our Subconscious Mind for future use. At the time those conclusions are drawn, they help us deal with things to keep us safe. In the long term, they may no longer serve us and it fact they can hinder us but since they are in the Subconscious Mind, we are not aware of them.

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