Why and How to SURRENDER to Your HIGHER SELF

Trust is arguably a very challenging thing for a lot of people. Surrendering requires Trust. That is a risk many avoid taking based on Limiting Beliefs they picked up in the past that made them attempt to put up a shield to block All Situations that may trigger a Pain Point. In the Process of doing so, one also blocks pleasant situations.

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Self Care vs Selfishness: How to Love Yourself AND Love Others without feeling guilty or being a jerk

Self care stems from SELF LOVE. Why would you take care of something if it wasn’t important to you? So, step 1: Love Thyself. If you have a problem with that- weather the problem is being OK with the idea or not knowing HOW to do it because you have years of opposing beliefs and practices that tell you the opposite, contact me to see if a PSYCH-K® I LOVE ME Session is right for you. Seriously, it makes all the difference! Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D., one of the pioneers of the Rapid Mindset Shift Methodology called PSYCH-K® estimates that about 80% of the world population does not love themselves and all that they are- me having been one of those people prior to going through the PSYCH-K® process. It’s why I became a facilitator of the method and why I’m even able to publish this article. Old me would doubted the heck of my being able to do this! New me is laser focused and rocking it 😉 And I want YOU and everyone else to do that too.

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