We are not a body with a soul. We are not a soul with a body. The Body is a Physical Manifestation of the SOURCE ENERGY that WE ARE. Read ONEness- We are Never Alone and ENERGY- All There Is to understand Source Energy.
owing that the 3 dimensional body is not an entity outside of the Spiritual Realm and it’s in fact part of it explains how valuable it is in our Communication with our Higher Self. It is in fact the Communication Pathway to Higher Consciousness. A lot of people separate themselves from the physical aspects in the journey to Spirituality. Read The Human Experience to understand how sacred and essential the body is to our Spiritual Development.

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How to take YOUR POWER Back

If you feel “less than”, not enough, can’t measure up to what you think others want you to be or to what they ask you to be… it’s only because YOU agree with them. It’s not that you are not enough or worthy. It’s because you bought into that idea from them or from others before them and they are only replaying that message back because they resonate on your SUBCONSCIOUS vibration that you are emitting.

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