ENERGY- All there is and What’s It To You

We are made of atoms but our atoms and the atoms of things in the physical are moving so fast they give the illusion of a solid mass. Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D., one of the founders of the PSYCH-K® method and the author of The Biology of Belief uses the example of throwing something into a fast spinning tornado- the object, be it even a large car, won’t be able to penetrate past the fast spinning wall that’s formed. So our bodies are essentially fast spinning energy, giving off more energy. Atoms gives of energy that together form a magnetic field. We are the atoms (which are energy) and we are the magnetic field.

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What feelings do you inhabit?

What feeling(s) predominate your days?
We live in a society that values thoughts over feelings, particularly in business. This makes it easy to ignore… how we feel. Just reading that will make some of you cringe, roll your eyes and skip this post.
Few of us honor our feelings, understand their strength and are comfortable incorporating this kind of intelligence in our reasoning and decision making process. It’s even rarer to have conversations with people who see the value of operating in a way that integrates both logical intellect and intuitive feeling. It’s not an either/ or.

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