Why and How to SURRENDER to Your HIGHER SELF

Trust is arguably a very challenging thing for a lot of people. Surrendering requires Trust. That is a risk many avoid taking based on Limiting Beliefs they picked up in the past that made them attempt to put up a shield to block All Situations that may trigger a Pain Point. In the Process of doing so, one also blocks pleasant situations.

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How to Surf the VIBRATION Waves

In Power vs Force, Dr David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D. calibrated the Vibration Values of Different Feelings through the process of Kinesiology- Muscle Testing. For example, he uncovered that Shame/ Humiliation have the low vibration is 20, while Neutrality/ Trust rank as 250 and Love/ Reverence register at 500. Enlightenment/ Pure Consciousness occur in the 700- 1,000 range. If you want to know the values of more feelings, they are outlined in the book (fascinating read). 🙂

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