The Human Experience

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Mere mortals no more! If you were led to believe that our “little” lives here on Earth are less than extraordinary and that enlightenment happens “up there” in the Ethers, think again!

Read ONEness- We are Never Alone to understand our True Nature.

We are not separate parts from God. We ARE ALL SOURCE ENERGY. Being Human is a an INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCE of LIFE ON THIS EARTH that SOURCE ENERGY is having through each one of us. We are living a Single Point of Experience through our individual lives. This experience gives us the unique opportunity to evolve. The Human Experience IS the Enlightnment process. Spirituality and the 3 dimensional reality need not compete for “reality” status. They are both valid and valuable and neither benefits by denying the other. They go hand in hand. Read 3 Dimesional “Realness” vs Higher Dimensional “Woohoo”

The attraction point of the people, places and experiences in our physical reality is done through an energetic signaling system as the physical embodiment of that vibration. We come in to this reality with an agenda of things to learn like we go to college to study a subject. We have colleagues we study with. By interacting with each other we trigger progress. Our Earthly Lives are Sacred and Profoundly Meaningful. We also have the advantage of creating them on purpose. In Why the Law of Attraction is Misunderstood and How to Use it Properly I explain how you can Create the Life you want to live on Purpose.

Excited about what you just read? Share it!

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