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We are not a body with a soul. We are not a soul with a body. The Body is a Physical Manifestation of the SOURCE ENERGY that WE ARE. Read ONEness- We are Never Alone and ENERGY- All There Is to understand Source Energy.

Knowing that the 3-dimensional body is not an entity outside of the Spiritual Realm and it’s in fact part of it explains how valuable it is in our Communication with our Higher Self. It is in fact the Communication Pathway to Higher Consciousness. A lot of people separate themselves from the physical aspects of the journey to Spirituality. Read The Human Experience to understand how sacred and essential the body is to our Spiritual Development.

The body constantly communicates with you. Are you listening? We’re not taught to pay attention to it on a regular basis and what’s more, we can be ridiculed when we do. For example, I inherited my mom’s ear itch when the atmospheric pressure changes in the air before it rains. That makes me “weird” to my non itchy friends, lol. I’m OK with that because that also makes me not forget the umbrella but it is one of those things that if we were used to listening to our bodies it would not be out of the ordinary. Read How to Get in Touch with Your INTUITION by LISTENING to YOUR BODY To understand more about the POWER the Body Conducts, KINESIOLOGY= Muscle Testing

Your body always communicates with you, whether it’s telling you that you are tired, hungry, energetic, have a headache, a knot in your stomach, a lump in your throat, a gut reaction, tension, heaviness, goosebumps etc. Most people don’t pay attention to it until something hurts. The truth is that’s your body screaming at you and it’s generally the embodiment of one or multiple issues you are out of balance with. In daily life it’s quite less dramatic than that and it CONSTANTLY communicates with you in more gentle ways, a lightness, a thought, a nudge. We’re just not used to paying attention to it. When you do, you’ll find your own innate language. Your Higher Self is constantly communicating with you. Find your INNATE WISDOM by listening to your PHYSICAL BODY.

Excited about what you just read? Share it!

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