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What’s 2 x 2? You just accessed your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND for the information you once learned and stored for future use. The Subconscious a big hard drive that stores the info and runs our life according to that info. The multiplication table is a program that is still useful in our current life. Other programs may or may not be as supportive of the life we want to create for ourselves. The Subconscious does not differentiate between the beliefs that support or limit you at one point or another in your life. It just stores the conclusions we draw to keep playing in the background. We “file” things into our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND several ways. Read 4 Ways We Create New BELIEFS and PATTERNS. It also controls the motor functions in the body like walking through muscle movement. This is why Kinesiology- Muscle Testing can be used to access the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Just because we make a decision at the CONSCIOUS LEVEL like reading a book for example, doesn’t mean our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND internalized that info to make it easy to implement.

Most importantly, the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND projects the Parameters of your outside reality. This is why you can set a goal to lose weight all day long but donuts keep calling your name. This is why you set out to make more money but you keep hitting that limiting ceiling. This is why you keep dating the same person with a different name: PROGRAMMING at the SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL.

The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND runs the Programs that create the Patterns that make up our life. CHANGE THE PROGRAM= CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

In Why the Law of Attraction is Misunderstood and How to Use It Properly I explain how the Beliefs run the Programs in the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND create our LIFE. The SUBCONSCIOUS holds the KEY to CREATE the LIFE YOU WANT at the CONSCIOUS LEVEL.

If you want something different, you gotta make the change at the SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL first in order for it to reflect and materialize outside of yourself.

Excited about what you just read? Share it!

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