The Right Side and The Left Side of THE BRAIN- Can you INTEGRATE them and use both?

The Right Side of the Brain is Creative, Emotional, Holistic, Spontaneous and identifies with the Group. The Left Side of the Brain is Logical, Analytical, Sequential, Controlled and identifies with the Individual.

While under most circumstances we have access to using both parts of the brain, as we go through life and have different experiences, a preference for one side or the other will emerge based on conclusions we draw in different situations. If you are familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), you’ve probably been typecast as a “Thinker” or a “Feeler” depending on what part of your brain you use the most to lead with when you make decisions and what functions are running as a backup.

The conclusions we draw as we experience life and the preferences we develop become the programming that define the paramenters in which we act act and therefore they determine the results of our actions. They can sustain progress and goal achienvement or they can inhibit actions by running programs based on fear, criticism, lack, failure etc.

The Left Side of the Brain controls the Right Side of the Body and the Right Side of the Brain controls the Left Side of the Body. When the two sides are connected through specific physical movements, a different thought pattern can run between the Left and Right sides of the brain. PSYCH-K® gives YOU the ability to INTEGRATE both hemispheres so you can use it to your advantage and Program Your Mind with beliefs that support your goals naturally. Read 4 Ways We Create New Beliefs and Patterns and the About page to learn more about the PSYCH-K® methodology for Precise and Rapid Mindset Change at the SUBCONSCIOUS Level

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    I want to to thank you for this great read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it. I’ve got you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post…


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