Jeff Durso, Tech Wiz
Elizabeth Stoian, Mindset Maven

Results every great coach strives for:

Your TOP-PERFORMING CLIENTS fly through your courses making them a joy to work with, giving you the satisfaction of making a contribution that changes lives
They give you RAVING TESTIMONIALS, send you REFERRALS, enroll in UPSELLS, increase ROI, and LTV

This is the lever to multiple seven figures in revenue.

While client acquision remains a pillar for in the growth of a business, retention and increasing lifetime value is the rocket fuel.

Businesses who don’t maxime these KPIs leave moeney on the table.

These KPIs are driven by ONE thing- the RESULTS your clients get

Those top-performing clients who thrive, will stay with you longer, spend more and become a lead source through referrals.

Imagine that EVERY client is a TOP-PERFORMING CLIENT.  
What would your financial and emotional ROI be the closer you get to this reality?
The question then becomes how to set up a system in place that increases client results and saves you time so you can grow the business?

This is possible when we deconstruct why TOP-PERFORMERS get TOP RESULTS
Simply put, it comes down to CONSISTENCY
The clients that get more RESULTS are those who take consistent action and build HABITS to improve their SKILLS.


That’s why we are AUTOMATING THE HABITS your clients need to get BETTER, FASTER, and EASIER RESULTS in your program.

Driving Method:

We do this by leveraging proven PSYCHOLOGICAL PROCESSES and TECHNOLOGY
Our Chrome Extension, Transformix, enables clients to practice the skills they learn in sales and marketing courses on a daily basis.
COURSE: Content Marketing
SKILL: Going Live
  • Beginner level: Record 2 min videos for a week before going Live; 
  • Intermediate level: Go Live 5 times a week; 
  • Advanced level: Improve message quality and ease of delivery


Transformix is customizable to include:

MINDSET PRACTICES (affirmations, meditation, mindsfullness, tapping, journaling, self-hypnosis etc.)
STRATEGY SKILLS (Sales, Content Marketing, Video Content, Audience Building, Messaging etc.)
BUSINESS OPERATIONS (tracking time and cost of outreach for the P&L, amount of discovery calls received etc)


Gamifying the journey into their daily routine, creates SELF-RESPONSIBILITY.
The Coaches’ dashboard gives you insight into their PROGRESS.
* You’ll know who is doing the work and where clients need extra SUPPORT in the program increasing RESULTS.

Nothing to lose:

It’s easy to install, working in conjunction with your existing course platform, no need to change anything.

Lots to gain:

Clients use it because we are using the algorithm of addiction to create healthy behavioral consistency in the fastest way possible, thus skyrocketing results and creating the loop of intrinsic motivation
We used this model to increase math proficiency in school-age kids. 
With nearly 700,000 downloads, we know that if we can make math fun and easy, we can definitely assist you to optimize client success across the board.

More ROI Benefits:

1. The client feedback feature automatically gathers testimonials from everyone using the Transformix extension in your program.
2. In the second phase of our launch, you’ll be able to input information about your other courses
3. Transformix essentially markets your offers to your existing clients as well as to other prospects using our platform.
Since they access it on a regular basis, this creates numerous sales points for your offers, maximizing LTV, and getting new leads of proven buyers of online business courses.

Are you ready?

We’re looking for the right coaches to beta test the extension. 
Your only cost is the feedback we’ll use to streamline and improve the platform

Book a 20 min zoom call 

to find out if this is a fit for you and your business.

I look forward to connecting with you. 
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