Your Natural State: What it Means to Live with INTEGRITY

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Integrate all parts of yourself in peace (pax). This is the idea behind my business and my calling. Integration of all that you are is stepping fully into your Whole Power, not dissociating or denying parts of yourself in shame, feelings of unworthiness, embarrassment, or feeling less than. Integrate your thinking and your feeling and your physical self, your Left and Right brain hemispheres. Showing up Whole and Complete in the world, in your relationships, at work, etc is living with integrity. Not needing someone else to complete you or to fix you is living with Integrity and the peace that comes with it. Read When and What Broke You? What if there was a Way to be COMPLETE Again?

When you live in your full integrity it’s easy to say and do what you know is true and right for you. There is no splitting between what you think, feel and what you say or between what you think, feel and what you do. When you live in your full integrity, there is no separation between your feelings/ intuition/ connection with your Higher Self, your logical thoughts and your actions. You live your life according to what is right for you, not according to what you think other people’s idea of who you should be. You take care of yourself and you respect yourself in every way. You honor your heart, your mind, and your body. You show up full and complete within yourself when you step out into the world and into all relationships. You fulfill yourself and can give and take in a mutually beneficial way. When you live with integrity you have unconditional love for all of yourself and because you know what that feels like, it’s the only way you are able to love others. You don’t expect them to be perfect for you to earn your love/ approval etc. Read Self Care vs Selfishness: How to Love Yourself AND Love Others without feeling guilty or being a jerk.

All of this sounds beautiful and a lot of you are nodding all the while not having the first clue of how to actually go about it because so many of us picked up the idea that we are not worthy of loving ourselves or that it’s wrong to do so. If this is something that is hard for you, I highly encourage you to get in touch with me and see if an I LOVE MYSELF PSYCH-K® Session is right for you. The majority of people on this planet do not love something about themselves and they live lives full of split energy where they want to make something happen for themselves on a conscious level but are unable to because the programming at the subconscious level is telling them the opposite. Integrating your Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind and Superconscious Mind creates unity and a higher point of attraction for the things you want to achieve than the separate conflicting energies you are working with at all levels. Read How Not to Beat Yourself Up When The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work as YOU Wanted It To! and 4 Ways We Create New Beliefs and Patterns.

Excited about what you just read? Share it!

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