When and What Broke You? What if there was a Way to be COMPLETE Again?

When and What Broke You? What if there was a Way to be COMPLETE Again?

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On the outside we walk around putting on our best impression that we have it together to mask the mess we feel we are inside. We even ignore our own isssues and pretend they’re not there because if we’re “strong” then we can keep it together.

What happens though is that those things we do not want to deal with materialize in our daily life in the form of patterns we play out over and over. A lot of those issues we are not aware of since they get stored in the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Got a Limiting Belief about money? The car breaks down. Think guys are jerks or women are crazy? Guess what kind of relationships you’re being part of! Felt abandoned as a child and keep getting left out as an adult? Patterns!

Shame, Blame, Guilt, Embarrassment, Feeling Unworthy/ Less Than/ Not Good Enough Break Us Up Into Pieces and Creates The Vicious Cycles of Reinforcing Those Same Feelings. Whatever piece of us we feel is not good enough, we separate ourselves from in shame. We dissociate from those pieces in an attempt to be our best selves, to be loved, to be successful but the truth is those pieces of ourselves we wish weren’t there are just as lovable and successful as the rest of us. We may even hate them or find them annoying in others. Judging others is always a reflection of judging ourselves.

For example, if you felt bad about your body in the past and you made it your mission to be fit and healthy but you judge those who aren’t, you are still not loving that less than perfect part of you and you are projecting that disgust onto others. By doing so you are using the fear of not being good enough as the fuel to propel you forward in the process. Self Love is a much easier and pleasant way to act out of than stress hormones, which do a number on your efficiency and the quality of your life in the long term. Using triggers to improve one’s self is efficient for progress but the idea that one has to achieve a goal to deserve self-love and validation makes one judge themselves and creates a never-ending loop of not being good enough, no matter how many goals one accomplishes. Accepting and loving yourself as you are at all the stages of your development will reflect in the lack of judgment of others at any stage in their development. Now you know. Judgy people don’t love themselves fully. Busted!  It’s never about the other person. We are always confronted with a reflection of ourselves in our environment. Read Why the Law of Attraction is Misunderstood and How to Use it Properly as well as How Not to Beat Yourself Up When The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work as YOU Wanted It To! and How to Surf the VIBRATION Waves. Why People Piss You Off and How to Make the Most of It takes it a step further into practical daily life territory.

You don’t love yourself if you are not happy unless you… insert goal. Yes, those extra pounds are lovable. Yes, your chronic lateness is lovable. Yes, your cleaning obsession is lovable. Yes, your overthinking is lovable. Yes, your procrastination is lovable. Yes, your tears are lovable. Yes, your temper is lovable. Yes, all of you is lovable. You don’t have to pretend to be perfect and you don’t have to BE someone’s idea of perfect to be lovable and successful. Being lovable is not dependent on conditions of you being a certain way. Ironically enough, the things we deny, we have a resistance to and by definition we reinforce them. Surrendering and accepting them allows our being to get back in balance and those issues are no longer issues.

If you’re going through Life feeling Broken… you CAN gather all the pieces of yourself and be WHOLE again. YOU CAN LOVE YOURSELF AND ALL THAT YOU ARE. If you would like to know how then read 4 Ways We Create New Beliefs and Patterns or Book an I LOVE MYSELF PSYCH-K® Session with me.

Excited about what you just read? Share it!

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