Why you're stuck in the same patterns and how to break free
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Why you’re stuck in the same patterns and how to break free

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If you’ve ever tried to achieve something only to fail time and time again, you most likely have a LIMITING BELIEF that creates the same SELF DEFEATING PATTERNS over and over. We draw conclusions all the time and store them in our Subconscious Mind for future use. At the time those conclusions are drawn, they help us deal with things to keep us safe. In the long term, they may no longer serve us and it fact they can hinder us but since they are in the Subconscious Mind, we are not aware of them.

For example, if baby you touches something flickery once, baby you quickly learns “ouchie” and will remember not to walk through a candle, camp fire or sit on the stove. If grown up you wants to become a Fire Eating Entertainer however, that conclusion that baby you learned about fire won’t help grown up you with your career goals.

Another example is to look at Money Beliefs. Let’s say mom and dad struggled when you were growing up. Not only that, but their very wealthy bosses were jerks. Mom and dad resent their rich bosses and Little You draws the conclusion that money makes people mean. You grow up and wonder why you can’t become wealthy. Your Subconscious Mind is running the program of not making money so you can stay a nice person. Can you still have money and be a nice person? Of course, but that’s not the Belief your subconscious learned when you were little.

Awareness of the area of your life you are struggling with is the first step in changing it. So, what have you been running into over and over? Read What Would YOU Do if You Could De ANYTHING?

Then, we can work on replacing those Limiting Beliefs with New Ones that support your goal. Read 4 Ways to Create New Beliefs and Patterns.

Excited about what you just read? Share it!

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